Jesus save us and now we are called to be ambassadors of redemption going into hard, dark places to bring good news.

Then I heard a voice of the Lord, saying whom I shall send and who will go for us then I said. Mathew 28-18-20

Sport Evangelism
People use different but also one of the ways of we can preach to the youth and others who like sports through sports evangelism.

Most of the time nowadays people spent in sports activities and we feel reaching the world through sport will.

Mass evangelism

Open-air crusade is one of the ways that God wants us to do.
Door to door Evangelism John 3.16 for God so love the world and he gave only his forgotten son.

If we team up together with you gospel can reach the entire world TV and Radio programmes, Bible distributions, Christian magazines, Christian songs and movies for the purpose of changing the world for the glory of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Apostolic evangelism

These are preaching where people not more than 20 members share the gospel in the cell with the leaders who What God is speaking to the church of Christ today.

In Uganda and especially northern and other rural parts s most of the pastors do not have acces to biblical traning to lead their congregation through Christ-centred and bibile centred teaching and preaching one on one discipleship traning and equipping local pastors through conferences, discipleship.
Patener with other people to ensure that laypersons leader traned or equipped and carry out the task of moving to all nation and preech Christ.