The following are the mechanisms that we will use for spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to his people;-

  1. Sport evangelism. This will involve organising sporting activities and it will help in mobilising people for the football games , sport activities,Galla and other creative activities for youth , young women and we see that by using this preaching of the word of God majority can be reach.
  2. Door to door evangelism. In this mechanism a team of evangelist will be sent to different parts of a sited areas and they will visit household by household preaching the word of God to the occupants of those household.
  1. Open air crusade. In this method preaching will be done in public places especially places which can gather a lot of people, marketplace,  This is one of the methods commonly used one of these days; it is a good approach since Jesus Christ and many of the prophets in the Old Testament also used this method and crawd follow Him.
  1. Apostolic evangelism. In this method discipleship class will be formed each with a leader or assistant and out of these classes the leaders will be conducting home cell fellowship. As a result a class whose number will increase out of this activity. A new church will get started in a place selected by the members of that class we do under tree shades ,tent and we share the love of Christ together as sign of growth.
  1. Media evangelism. This method will involve the use of technology in preaching the good news of salvation through radio stations, television, social media, printing and magazines among others mention but a few. This mode will also help in preaching to people in places where we may not be in position to reach and we believe that the gospel can reach someone even in his or her bedroom.
  1. Medical evangelism; we see how we can reach spiritual and physical needs of the people in the unreached areas and other places as per His directives. This method attracts majority of people youth, children, young and old women, young and old men among others by helping in planting medical clinics, supporting dental,eye and ear outreaches, medical camps.

Agricultural evangelism: Evangelism and church planting through farming since Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda and other parts of Africa and the rest of the world. We believe that this is one of the best way we can reach unreached areas with the gospel of Christ. In northern and eastern part of Uganda agriculture is one of the major economic activities like supporting farmers.