We are Better than I

Partner, cooperate, working together in Unity with, person, churches, organizations, Associations, Ministries with a similar goal of preaching gospel of Jesus Christ globally . Psl 133:1, John 17:20- 21,

Church planting, Equipping, Growth and maturity.
Help us plant over 200 churches in 30 years 2022 -2052
Somewhere around the world is waiting for the gospel of Jesus Christ and need church, leaders to be empowered to ensure there is growth and maturity till everlasting life.
Mathew 28:18-20, Ephesians 4:1-16.

Who will take the gospel if you do not go, how will they save and believe unless they hear from you, how will they hear unless you are sent, how will you be sent unless you accept to grow and how will you grow unless are natured for God’s kingdom.

Come and join us as we see what the Lord will do together.